New real estate agent address scoop
Feb 17, 2022By Joe A.

The real estate market is an incredibly competitive industry. Selling a home may not be as easy as a new agent thinks. Getting real estate listing leads isn't easy in a seller's market.

If you are an agent looking for your first seller client, you may need some helpful tips and learn some creative ways to get real estate listings. Here are eleven ways to help an agent find their first seller client and potentially make more. 

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Start Online- Ways 1-4Knock On DoorsTrust Your Instincts
Know Your Sphere Of Influence Host Open Houses For Other Agents In Your Same Circle
Nail The First Meeting
Word-Of-Mouth Referrals Focus On "Hidden" Listings Final Thoughts 


Start Online - Ways 1-4

Real Estate Agent Online Address Scoop

Online is where all of the action is. In the digital age, almost everyone uses search engines and other tools to find real estate agents. The best way to get listings in real estate in 2021 is to start online.

If you are a new agent, making a name of yourself online and sharing your insider knowledge will positively build your reputation if you follow the proper steps. 

Here are four things that all new real estate agents should consider doing online before even looking for their first client: 

  • Create a website- Creating and building a website is a must for any new agent who wants to be accessible and gain new clients through new client forms. In addition, having a personalized website will make it easier for most agents to add their online presence as most people looking to buy or sell their home will search for agents online. 

  • Start a social media page- Social media is an excellent place to share new listings, tips, anything an agent can think of to help gain new customers and keep their current ones interested. Sharing content on social media will also allow an agent to show their expertise, which brings me to my next suggestion...

  • Write a blog- Blogging is the perfect way for an agent to rank on Google and share their expertise in real estate. In addition, blogs are a great way to become more successful and well-known as an agent. 

  • Advertise - Another way to gain an online presence is to utilize Google ads, Facebook ads, or other online/social media advertising forms to get new leads and potential clients. This can be expensive but worth it for an agent who is struggling to find their first clients. 


5. Know Your Sphere Of Influence 

Real Estate Network Address Scoop

An agent should always start with their friends and family and simply trickle down from there. A sphere of influence is anyone that an agent knows enough to strike up a conversation with-  an agent who is dedicated enough to their industry will use their whole sphere of influence. 

Additionally, an agent should always keep asking and showing their appreciation for any effort that anyone in their sphere of influence makes at helping them find or giving them clients.


6. Word-Of-Mouth Referrals

Word Of Mouth Address Scoop

Friends and family, as well as anyone else in an agent's sphere of influence, can spread the word to mutual and not mutual acquaintances when they know someone in the real estate industry. 

An agent using their sphere of influence to ask those they know to spread the word about their new business is a great way to expand their sphere of influence further and gain new clients. 


7. Knock On Doors

Agent Knocking On Doors Address Scoop

It may sound like a difficult way to access new clients, but knocking on doors as a new real estate agent is a great way to meet potential seller clients. 

If you are a new agent who thinks that you can handle knocking on stranger’s doors, make sure to prepare yourself first. Before even heading out the door, you will want to create a script just for door-knocking alone.

Your script should mention that it is currently a HOT MARKET and a great time to sell a home. Additionally, make sure to be yourself. If you try too hard, you may end up sounding deceitful or untrustworthy. 

8. Host Open Houses For Other Agents In Your Same Circle

Host Open House Address Scoop

Seasoned agents always don’t want to host their open houses or even have time. However, new agents can find seller clients by hosting open houses for their real estate agent friends. 

 Hosting open houses as a new real estate agent can open the door to new clients. Many people who are going to open houses are also looking to sell their own home, or they may have to sell a home in the future. They could even know someone who is looking to sell their home. This is a clever and unique way to help a fellow agent out and potentially gain a client or multiple clients as a new agent. 


9. Focus On “Hidden” Listings

Hidden Listings Address Scoop

Instead of trying hard to find FSBO and expired listings and fighting for them with other competitor agents, I suggest looking for “hidden” listings. 

Finding a hidden listing means that an agent looks for listings that aren’t on the market yet but have owners looking to list soon or aren’t currently considering listing but might for the right price. 

There are many methods to find hidden listings, from contacting the owners of abandoned properties to searching for rental properties and contacting the renters to see if they’d be willing to sell instead. 

There are plenty of methods to find these hidden listings. However, if you are an agent and want to get ahead of the game, you will need to be creative and think of all opportunities within your area to access potential home sellers. 


10.  Trust Your Instincts 

Trust Your Instincts Address Scoop

Many successful real estate agents often rely on their instincts to help work with sellers and buyers in the real estate industry. If you are a new real estate agent, you will need to learn how to effectively communicate with both buyers and sellers, which means that you have to trust your gut instinct when communicating and working with people every day.


11. Nail The First Meeting

Client First Meeting With Agent Address Scoop

The most important thing to remember when first meeting a potential client is to nail the first

in-person Interaction. 

Whether an agent meets a client for the first time by knocking on the door, or an open house, nailing the first meeting is significant. Being genuine and honest is the best way to gain the trust of a potential client. 


Final Thoughts 

Getting the first seller client doesn’t have to be hard for a real estate agent. Putting in some extra effort and not being afraid to communicate with potential sellers and even people who weren’t first considering selling but might under the right circumstances is the easiest way to get a first seller client as a real estate agent.