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Mar 23, 2022By Joe A.

With spring in the air, many potential home buyers and home sellers are gearing up for an even hotter housing market. The best time of the year to sell a home is in the spring, as homes sell faster and go for more money during the first two weeks of May, according to The Mortgage Reports.  

If you have considered putting your house on the market, you may be wondering how to get even more for your home without spending a ton of money to make major changes. Luckily for you, there are several ways to significantly increase the value of your home without spending a ton of money. Read the article below about my favorite home improvement projects with the highest return on investment for 2022. 

Article Sections:

Start With Curb Appeal Do Small Repairs 
Add Some Fresh PaintAsk An Interior Designer
Update Your Kitchen Low Key Landscaping
New Carpet How To Prepare For Open Houses


Start With Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal Address Scoop

There are a few easy ways undoubtedly raise your home's curb appeal. Above all else, keeping up with the grass is unbelievably significant for curb appeal and overall appearance. Moreover, adding a few plants can tidy up and add color to your lawn ( contingent upon the season you sell your home and where you reside). Additionally, a yard with dead grass will right away kill the mood of any potential buyer. People will take dead grass and an unkempt lawn as a sign that the owner of a home is lazy, and they will assume that not only is the outside of the house not taken care of, but the inside as well. 

To heighten your curb appeal further, you can check whether anything outside your home could benefit from a new layer of paint, like your mailbox. Finally, always upkeep your curb appeal just in case any potential buyers want to do a last-minute showing or driveby is very important. Make sure to clean up anything left in the yard consistently (for example, toys or garbage). You also want to power wash, scoop up the dog poop, rake the leaves, pick up sticks, wash the windows, etc.  


Add Some Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint Address scoop

One of the quickest and cheapest ways to increase the value of your home is to add some fresh color, which typically increases your home value by five percent.

Adding some new color schemes to your home is not only quick and easy- it is (most of the time) very affordable. You do not have to buy the most expensive paint to get good results- just don't buy the cheapest one either. 

If you pick out a more modern and fresh color for some of your more outdated walls and color schemes, you can make your home more appealing and updated. Quick and easy! And painting can be fun, too!


Update Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is the focal point in the home. So even if you can only finance one room to update, focus on the kitchen, update your kitchen, and make a bright, new space in your home, it will likely drastically increase your home value. 

A few simple ways to update your kitchen: 

Paint: As mentioned earlier in the article, adding fresh paint will brighten and beautify any room in your home. According to Forbes, you will want shiny color for your kitchen as it will be easier to clean. You will also want to make sure the kitchen has a bright appearance by painting the walls with light and neutral colors. 

Cabinets: You can also paint the cabinets if they are updated, and you cannot afford to purchase new ones. Painting the cabinets is a great way to update your kitchen on a budget, as buying new ones can be quite expensive. 

Appliances: Perhaps your kitchen's appliances are outdated, don't match the rest of your kitchen, or don't function properly. If you have some money to invest in new kitchen appliances to increase the value of your home, it is worth it to invest. Shiny new appliances are an immediate appeal for buyers. 

Kitchen appliances are one of the most used items in the home. However, make sure to choose kitchen appliances wisely based on what homebuyers will be looking for. Mismatched or cheap-looking appliances will likely turn buyers off. 

Countertops: Beautiful countertops make beautiful kitchens. Cracked, old, outdated countertops make a kitchen look undesirable and ugly. New and modern countertops will attract buyers. If you are handy, you can look for expensive countertops like marble or paint the countertops to make them look like granite.  


New Carpet 

New Carpet Address Scoop

Putting in a new carpet can be fairly inexpensive if you know how to find good deals and install the carpet yourself. Get rid of outdated carpet or carpet that is simply too dirty to clean and install new carpet to help increase the value of your home. Finding neutral carpet colors, in most cases, is the safest way to ensure that your new carpet will make your home's appearance richer. 


Do Small Repairs

Small Home Repairs Address Scoop

Every home that is more than a few years old can do good with some simple repair work. Start by going around to each room and finding anything that can use repairs, such as leaky faucets holes in the wall.

Performing simple minor repairs can increase the value of a home more than you realize. And while it's not fun to perform home repairs, it is fun to reap the benefit of the extra money you will likely receive if your home value goes up. Just make sure you know how to properly repair or hire someone who can do these repairs for you that is affordable.


Ask An Interior Designer

Add Value To Your Home Interior Designer Address Scoop 

If you are willing to pay an interior designer an hour or two of their time (the average interior designer charges around $100- $200 an hour) to come to your house and look at things, they can provide you input on some of the best ways to design and update your home. While their input will likely cost money unless you can find someone such as a relative or close friend, and I can do it for free, they can give you ways to increase the value of your home. This step is not necessary (especially if you have a good DIY eye yourself) but is another idea that could benefit you financially when you sell your home.


Low Key Landscaping 

Landscaping Address Scoop

Not everyone is a landscaper. However, there are some simple landscaping ideas that most people can do. For example, I do not have a green thumb, and I'm not outdoorsy (to say the least), but I have done some of the ideas listed below to make my home look more beautiful on the outside.

Color Your Lawn: Flowers are your friend. Planting flowers and other colorful plants will add character and color to your lawn. Make sure also to remove weeds to avoid distraction from your beautiful outdoor floral arrangements. 

Spread Some Mulch: Mulch is cheap, appealing to the eye, and easy to apply. Mulch can be used for putting flowers in or going around a tree and for many other fun and easy projects. 

Plant A Tree- My next suggestion is to plant a tree. Trees are a must for almost any yard. And nearly every yard needs a good shade tree. If your yard doesn't have a good shade tree, it may be wise to consider planting one. It will likely increase the value of your home and make your backyard look beautiful.

Add A Retaining Wall- A great place to plant those flowers, mulch, and trees we were talking about is to create a retaining wall that holds your tree and put mulch and flowers around the tree. This is a great look that will attract people to your yard.


How To Prepare For Open Houses  

Now that you have done some projects that should increase your home value, it is also important to prepare for any open houses for potential buyers. You'll always need to make sure that your house has a strong curb appeal. The first thing that potential buyers will see is the outside of your home. Make sure that it is clean and is pleasing to the eye. 

As far as inside the home, the most important thing you can do is make sure the decor looks up to date and keep everything nice and clean. Clutter just makes everything look much worse than it is, and it is hard for anyone to see potential in your home when it's looking at its worst. 

Final Thoughts

If you are considering putting your house on the market, there are several simple ways to significantly increase the value of your home without spending a ton of money. Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas for simple home projects to help you profit more off your home.