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Mar 07, 2022By Joe A.

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Use Multiple Social Media AccountsAdvertising On Benches And/Or Billboards
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Real Estate Marketing Tips

Marketing will always and forever be important if you work in real estate. As a realtor, knowing the current trends as well as having an online presence is extremely important. If you want to be a successful real estate professional, you need to have a unique and effective marketing plan and know all of the best real estate marketing tips.

Here are some old school and new wave marketing trends that you should be following in our how to real estate marketing guide:


Google My Business Page

address scoop Google my business

The most important marketing tip I can give you is to make SURE you have a Google My Business page. 

When you verify your business on Google My Business, your name will show up on the top right-hand corner of the search results for local searches. 

Google My Business is a free service to use for your real estate business that people can use to locate a business and read reviews as well as information about your business such as your contact information. Having a Google My Business page allows you to gain even more exposure. 


Use Multiple Social Media Accounts 

As a real estate professional, you need to be on social media. If you can’t talk to people or reach out to potential clients, how will you become a successful real estate professional? How will you be able to market your real estate business in the digital age if you aren't next to your competitors on social media?

Being social also means socially engaging online. Most people use social media channels to socialize online, as a realtor you should have a few of these. Here are the options:

  • Create a business Facebook page- Creating a Facebook business page will allow you to better interact with your customers. All of your followers will be able to see any updates/ posts that you create on your Facebook page. You can also add important details to your business Facebook page such as your contact information and hours of operation. Additionally, customers can interact with you via your Facebook page.

  • Join Twitter - Twitter is another popular social media platform to represent your business for similar reasons to the ones described above for Facebook. It's another great social media platform for interacting with your customers, and since not everyone has the same social media channels, it is a way to reach people who are active on Twitter but not on Facebook.

  • Create an Instagram account- Instagram is an excellent tool for sharing images. As a real estate professional, you can use Instagram to post your top real estate images.

  • Pinterest- Pinterest is an excellent social sharing tool if you have a blog. If you do have a blog and use your blog images to create Pins (just make sure the images of your blog have a Pin It features so other people have the opportunity to Pin your images as well).

You should also have social sharing buttons on all of your property pages so that your audience can share your properties with their social media followers.


Set Up Virtual Tours

Address Scoop virtual home tours

Virtual tours are a great way for people to see the property if they are busy and don’t want to take the time to tour the home unless they are very interested. Virtual tours are also a great way for your customers to safely view a home that they are interested in during COVID. Virtual tours will save you time and will make you look more professional and dedicated to your clients.

If you give your clients the chance to view a home that they are interested in virtually, chances are they will actually feel MORE connected to you and appreciate you as a professional who cares about their health and safety.


Have Business Cards On Hand

Some people still prefer paper over P.C. if you give business cards a try, you might be surprised at how effective they still are.


Make sure that you also have “virtual” business cards by making it easy for anyone to get in touch with you online. Additionally, include all of your professional contact info (signatures) in your emails. Creating an environment for anyone to easily get in touch with you is how you create a successful real estate business in this modern age.

Key takeaway: Make it easy for people to contact you on and offline.  

Email List 

Having an email list sign-up form pop up when someone enters your website is a great way to gain new clients by sending them newly listed houses as well as anything that promotes your business. 

An email list is also a good way for you to stand out and apart from other real estate professionals. If and when someone you’ve met is looking to buy or sell a new piece of real estate (or even if they know someone else who is), sending them consistent emails will remind them that you can assist them. 


Advertising On Benches And/Or Billboards

Bench and bus advertising provides 24/7 visibility. A great number of drivers, bus riders, walkers, etc. will all will see your ads. Additionally, people that walk or drive by our ad frequently will constantly see your ad and therefore it will be etched in their minds and hard to forget. 

Even more importantly, with bench and billboard ads you can target the exact location that you wish to. They provide precise geographic targeting.

Key takeaway: The great thing about bench and billboard ads is that they are always on. 


Hire A Photographer

Address Scoop real estate photographer

If you aren’t very good with a camera, you may need to hire a photographer to help take pictures for your listings. You will also need a good headshot for….



Use testimonials from previous clients to help gain new ones. Share these testimonials on your billboard, the back of a business card, your website, social media, etc. 


Advertising On Social Media And Google

Address Scoop real estate ads

Advertising online is a great way to connect with people who are moving to your area and need help finding a house. Since you can’t use traditional advertising to target people who aren’t local (yet) online advertising is a great way to connect with people in any location. Just use targeted keywords as well as targeted audiences in your ad. 



One of the best ways (still) to advertise is by word-of-mouth. Make sure that your clients are happy and you will be able to gain new customers when their friends/family are in need of a real estate agent. 


Final Thoughts

Marketing will forever be an important part of the real estate agency. 

As a real estate agent, marketing is a vital part of your job. If you want to be a successful real estate agent, you should consider implementing digital and traditional marketing strategies. If you use the proper tools (such as the ones mentioned above) you should be able to create a solid real estate marketing plan.