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Sep 20, 2023By H. Trost

In a dramatic shift in real estate trends, more city dwellers are now looking to purchase homes in rural areas, causing a surge in rural home sales. Real estate in urban areas tends to be high, making it difficult for buyers to find affordable properties. 

The allure of a peaceful and cost-effective lifestyle is drawing more families and individuals to rural living. In fact, a recent poll found that almost half of all Americans would choose rural living over the city or suburban lifestyle. 

I spent my childhood in a rural area, living in a small town. I can appreciate the allure of affordable land, unpaved roads, fresh air, and a serene environment. And I know firsthand that some small towns have a lot to offer. Some have exceptional shoreline properties that are reasonably priced. Other small towns offer beautiful views and access to stunning nearby hiking paths.

Furthermore, many rural areas are close enough to the suburbs and cities, offering a way to escape small-town life for a moment of excitement when necessary.

Why People are Escaping to the Countryside

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Many individuals who haven't grown up in a rural area or prefer that type of environment are increasingly willing to try it out due to recent real estate trends and other factors, including:

Escaping the Urban Real Estate Surge.

The appeal of rural living has become undeniable for many who once grappled with exorbitant urban real estate prices. The desire for more spacious homes, larger lots, cleaner air, and a quieter environment has driven an unprecedented demand for rural properties. Families and individuals are searching for an escape from the competitive urban market where escalating prices often outpace incomes.

Affordability and Acreage

One of the driving forces behind the rural home buying trend is affordability. Buyers realize that their budgets can stretch further in rural areas, allowing them to purchase larger properties with more land. The prospect of owning sprawling estates or charming farmhouses has proven irresistible to those seeking ample space for various activities, including gardening and outdoor recreation.

Recreational Properties

Rural areas with natural amenities such as lakes, forests, and mountains have seen increased demand for recreational properties. Buyers are interested in second homes or vacation properties in these areas.

High-Interest Rates Impacting Urban Real Estate

The high-interest rate environment in urban real estate markets has left many potential buyers searching for alternatives. With mortgage rates reaching historic highs, rural properties have emerged as a viable and cost-effective option. Buyers find that the lower price tags and reduced competition in rural markets offer them a more favorable financial outlook.

A Shift in Investment Strategies

As urban real estate prices continue to surge, investors are also focusing on rural areas. Investing in rural properties with the potential for long-term growth and appreciation is becoming more appealing. Buyers are considering rural real estate as a place to call home and an investment that can yield substantial returns over time.


Living in a rural area offers the chance to decrease energy consumption and promote environmental conservation. Rural residents are not constrained by the same limitations as urban dwellers, allowing them to construct eco-friendly homes that utilize passive solar energy, implement solar panels, or utilize micro-hydro turbines to produce clean energy. These methods allow rural inhabitants to reduce their carbon footprint and participate in the worldwide effort to combat climate change.

More Small Business Opportunities 

Small businesses have faced formidable challenges due to the proliferation of big box stores and the growth of online shopping. The allure of convenience and competitive pricing has often led consumers away from smaller establishments. These larger retailers can leverage economies of scale to offer lower prices and more choices. At the same time, online shopping provides unmatched convenience with 24/7 accessibility and home delivery.

However, small businesses are finding fertile ground to flourish amid the rural real estate boom. The allure of rural areas, driven by a desire for a simpler lifestyle, lower living costs, and increased remote work opportunities, has led to a surge in real estate investment in these regions. This presents a golden opportunity for small business owners to establish ventures catering to the growing local population and visitors seeking unique rural experiences.

Airbnb Investment Opportunities 

Airbnb properties in rural areas have gained tremendous popularity due to their unique ability to offer travelers an escape from urban life and immerse themselves in the serene natural beauty of rural landscapes, fostering a strong demand for these authentic and peaceful getaways.

From an investment perspective, rural Airbnb accommodations can be an excellent choice.

They often come with a lower entry cost than urban properties, making them accessible for investors. The steady demand for rural tourism and the potential for diverse income streams, including seasonal rentals and event hosting, can lead to attractive returns on investment.

Challenges and Considerations

While rural living offers numerous advantages, it has its own challenges. Access to amenities, services, and employment opportunities may be more limited in remote areas. Additionally, some homebuyers may need to adapt to a different pace of life and embrace self-sufficiency regarding property maintenance and utilities.

The Future of Rural Real Estate

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Real estate experts anticipate that the rural home buying trend will continue to gain momentum. As urban real estate prices remain high and interest rates fluctuate, rural areas are poised to flourish in the years ahead. Realtors and developers are capitalizing on this trend by highlighting unique rural properties and investing in rural infrastructure, making it easier for urbanites to leap to the countryside.

Due to rising interest rates and the soaring prices of urban properties, the rural real estate market is experiencing a revival. More homebuyers wonder if moving and being a part of small-town life would be a better experience for their lifestyle goals.

As a result, potential buyers are looking for more affordable and spacious options in rural areas. With the possibility of significant returns on investment and a growing preference for a peaceful, community-centric lifestyle, rural living is quickly becoming the latest trend in the real estate market.