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Jul 26, 2023By Joe A.

In Hong Kong, the Shan Sum columbarium offers luxurious resting places for the afterlife.

Hong Kong has a diverse population of almost 7.5 million people from different nationalities. 

Due to its high population, it stands as one of the most densely inhabited territories globally.

Hong Kong is only 427 square miles in size, and its population density brings problems that many might not even consider. Due to the high number of people living in Hong Kong, burying the dead can often be nearly impossible, and often cremation is the best option. Cremation respectfully transforms a deceased individual's body into ashes through controlled burning.  

But even storing the cremated remains of loved ones in Hong Kong can be spendy. 

Hence the high fees for luxury resting places at Shan Sum, where one can experience the same amount of luxury when they pass away as they do when they are living. 

What is the Shan Sum Columbarium

The Shan Sum columbarium is a remarkable structure that symbolizes honor, remembrance, and reverence for the departed. It provides a final resting place for the deceased that have been cremated, offering solace and comfort to their loved ones. The columbarium is in Hong Kong, a city renowned for its rich cultural heritage, beautiful real estate, and spiritual significance.

What Eternal Luxury Looks Like

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Shan Sum has plenty of urn storage space packages based on preference and budget. Choosing the different packages at Shan Sum starts pretty pricey and then only gets more extravagant depending on the package chosen. The basic two-person option is available at US$58,000 and then increases. For those seeking a top-tier package designed for the entire family, an option is available at nearly $3 million, offering an elevated and all-inclusive experience.

 With prices starting at $58,000 for a small space, the columbarium caters to discerning customers seeking something extra and extravagant. Designed by a German architect, the tower will soon be able to store the cremated remains of 23,000 people. 

The columbarium provides modern amenities like dehumidifiers, air conditioning, and an app for pre-booking time slots for family members to visit their deceased loved ones. Due to space scarcity in the city, both for the living and the dead, private columbariums like Shan Sum are in high demand. 

In addition to its architectural splendor and modern amenities, the Shan Sum columbarium offers comprehensive services to support families during their mourning process. The compassionate staff guides, assists, and offers professional advice, ensuring a seamless experience. 

Urn Space Shortage

Shan Sum and similar facilities emerged in response to Hong Kong's urn space shortage around a decade ago. During that period, cremated remains would frequently be stored in funeral parlor drawers for extended periods, awaiting available spots. 

Alternatively, they would be placed in unlicensed columbariums in temples or repurposed factory buildings.

Our Thoughts

The Shan Sum columbarium is a testament to the enduring bond between the living and the departed. It offers a sanctuary of solace, a place where grief transforms into healing and memories are cherished. Its architectural beauty makes it a cherished memorial complex and a symbol of reverence, but only for people who can afford its high price tag. Unfortunately, privilege maintains an advantage that extends even beyond mortality.

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