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Sep 08, 2023By H. Trost

A quiet struggle is unfolding in neighborhoods across the city as home prices skyrocket, causing unforeseen challenges that ripple through families and friendships. Homeownership, once a symbol of stability and achievement, is now a source of stress, affecting relationships and daily life.

Due to the competitive seller's market and high cost of living, I cannot afford to be a homeowner, so I am renting and making the best of it. As a single parent, I am grateful that I can afford rent and all expenses related to raising children. Many of my colleagues face a similar situation; some work more than the average 40 hours a week to maintain a modest lifestyle. The average rent is over $2,000 as of August 2023. Living on a single income makes it nearly impossible to become a homeowner, even after earning fair wages.

The Impact of Real Estate and Tradition

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Besides struggling singles, couples and families struggle to afford a proper home. Shared hopes and dreams are now shattered when dealing with the rising costs of home and life. For lots of people, finding a home is really tough. Between 2010 and 2022, home prices surged 74%, making it increasingly difficult for individuals and families to afford homes. This sudden increase has disrupted traditional notions of financial stability, leaving many without a place to call their own.

As housing costs continue to rise, the once-traditional path to homeownership, once considered a symbol of progress and stability, is becoming increasingly difficult to attain. Families nationwide must reconsider their dreams of owning a cozy home and putting down roots to build memories. This shift is causing many people to explore alternative options, such as renting or downsizing, to find a more affordable and sustainable living situation. 

Mental Health and Activities

As the prospect of homeownership dwindles, so does the sense of togetherness. It's not just the discussions about budgets and mortgage rates causing strife. The emotional toll is often more profound. Working hard while still struggling takes a toll on mental health. 

Due to the increasing cost of living, some parents simply cannot afford extracurricular activities. Soccer fields and basketball courts that once echoed with children's laughter are now quieter. 

Financial constraints are becoming extreme to the point that some people choose more financial freedom over children.

Real Estate and Relationships Outside of the Home

The strain is not limited to couples and families. Friends, too, are navigating uncharted waters—the gap between those who can afford a home and those who can't subtly affect relationships. Social gatherings have a different vibe when some friends deal with the complexity of mortgages while others enjoy the security of owning a home without worry.

The impact of the turmoil extends beyond personal relationships to professional lives. Many are forced to endure longer commutes due to the high cost of owning a home, leaving less time for personal connections and self-care.

Additionally, some feel trapped in unfulfilling jobs to meet mortgage payments, hindering career growth.

As the cost of real estate continues to rise, there is a ripple effect on communities, with essential 

workers like teachers and nurses struggling to find affordable housing near their workplaces. This can lead to longer commutes and shortages in critical fields.

Rising Real Estate Costs and the Bigger Picture

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In a society where homeownership is deeply entwined with identity and success, the surge in real estate prices is leaving a profound mark. Dreams deferred lead to doubts, which in turn threaten relationships, emotional well-being, and the feeling of accomplishment. Amid the relentless rise in home prices, the true cost isn't just economic—it's a toll on the fabric of everyday lives and the connections that tie us together.