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Mar 02, 2022By Joe A.
What Is A Reverse Address Lookup?Alternative Ways To Look Up The Owner Of An Address
How To Do A Reverse Address Lookup
What Does A Reverse Address Lookup Include?
How To Do An Address History Search 

There are over 161 million addresses within the United States that the USPS services. 

Knowing how to find who lives at an address is a handy skill to acquire- living in a highly populated country with hundreds and often thousands of streets per city can make it hard to find out who lives where. 

So, how does one go about finding out who lives at an address or even see the history of an address?

It’s called a reverse address lookup. Doing a quick reverse address lookup is an easy and accurate way to find information on most addresses. 


What Is A Reverse Address Lookup?

What Is A Reverse Address Lookup Address Scoop

A reverse address lookup is a tool that anyone can use to look for important information on an address. Most reverse address lookups will create reports displaying homeowner (current and past) and relevant information, including contact information (when available, some residential information can remain private).

Reverse address lookup sites such as Address Scoop have access to billions of records. Most people who use these services find results successfully, and the whole process typically takes only a few minutes. 


Why Would Anyone Use A Reverse Address Lookup Service?

While some view a reverse address lookup as an invasive tool, there are many valid and sane reasons for someone to lookup an address. 

Here are a few:

  • Before putting an offer in on real estate, buying a home can be risky. Especially in the current seller’s market, people are so competitive that they put in offers before even looking inside the home they are willing to purchase. Additionally, buying a home in a different state can make things even more complicated. Doing a reverse address lookup allows a potential homeowner to learn more about the home they are interested in purchasing and even allows them to look up the entire neighborhood. 

  • Learn about neighbors. Along with potential homeowners, almost anyone who owns a home and wants to learn more about their neighbors can use a reverse address search and do so by simply typing in their neighbor’s addresses one by one. 

  • For safety purposes. The first time going to anyone’s home without fully knowing them is a risk that too many people make without verifying address information.  It can be dangerous to meet at someone’s home without knowing them. This happens more than people realize, as many online shoppers do not mind agreeing to purchase something from a person listed online, such as a car or handmade product, and meeting them at their house. This is just one example where a person goes to a stranger’s place that they know nothing about, there are many more instances where it is good to do a reverse address search for safety purposes. 

  • For professional reasons. One example would be a small business that wants to verify addresses and fix any address errors before sending out their products for delivery.


What Does A Reverse Address Lookup Include?

Reverse address lookup sites typically offer reports that provide important property and address details. These details are often hard to find, but a reverse address lookup often makes the process much quicker and more successful. 

What is included in a reverse address lookup report?

Address Scoop can provide the following information in a report (our reports list as much information as we can find via our database):

Property Details

  • Property Size (square feet)

  • Number of Bedrooms

  • Number of Bathrooms

  • Lot size (acres)

  • Tax information

  • Year Built

  • Year Remodeled

  • And More!

Owner Information

  • Owner Names

  • Owner Address (if different)

  • Owner Phone Numbers including Cell Phone Numbers

  • Owner Email Address(es)

  • Owner Social Media Profile Info

  • Owner Images

  • And More!

Sale Information

  • Last Sale Price

  • Last Sale Date

  • Sale History

  • And More!

Property Value

  • Land Value

  • Structure Value

  • Total Value

  • Assessment Value

  • And More!

Mortgage Information

  • Mortgage Amount

  • Date of Mortgage

  • Lender

  • And More!

Tax Information

  • Annual Tax Amount

  • Tax Assessment Value

  • Date

  • And More!

People search websites that include reverse address lookups such as Address Scoop often the most reliable and recent data available online. 


Alternative Ways To Look Up The Owner Of An Address

While doing a reverse address lookup is our recommended way to find owner information on an address, there are a few other ways to try and find that information. If you are trying to find owner address information, here are some alternative ways.  

Additional ways to lookup an address:

Find Assessment records. Search the assessor’s office. To do this, perform an internet search by typing  "assessor" and the city and state where the address is as search terms. Once you find the office, you will have to contact them to see their policies and what information they can provide you. 

Try the county recorder or tax collector. These county-level departments hold property information that may be of use to someone looking for address owner information. The process can be tedious to gather information, and sometimes it can even cost money. 


How To Do A Reverse Address Lookup

Do Reverse Address Lookup Address Scoop

To do a reverse address lookup on Address Scoop, start by logging into your account and then click search on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Our website will then bring you to the page where you run a reverse address lookup, and you can enter in all of the details of the address you want to run a report on. 

If you don’t have an account with us, it’s still pretty easy to do. To purchase a report, simply run a reverse address search here and finish the checkout process.


How To Do An Address History Search

There are a few ways to lookup address history. 

If you are looking up your specific address history, you can usually do this by looking at your credit or tax history. You can also lookup your personal records. 

However, if you want to look up an address to see who has lived there in the past, the best way to do so is by performing a reverse address lookup on a property search website.

To perform an address history lookup on Address Scoop, simply do a reverse address lookup following the steps described in the “How To Do A Reverse Address Lookup” section of this article. 

Once the results are displayed, go to the “Sale History” section of the report to view any information provided on previous property owners. The sale history also includes important information when available such as the sale amount and the date of the sale. 

Final Thoughts 

Performing a reverse address search is the best and quickest way to find detailed information on almost any residential address. 

There are many valid reasons to perform a reverse address search. If you have any questions about our service, feel free to give us a call at (888) 217-4468.