Western White House. Photo Credit: ©Zillow
Jul 31, 2023By Joe A.

Unique homes are architectural marvels that break away from the traditional mold and captivate with their one-of-a-kind features. From tiny homes that promote simple living to luxury real estate with a flair of idiosyncrasy to dome homes designed for off-the-grid living,  each uncommon home exudes a distinct personality that reflects the creative vision of its designer. 

Unique homes challenge our perception of what a home can be and look like, pushing the boundaries of innovation. Living in a unique home is an adventure, offering residents an unparalleled experience that fosters a strong sense of individuality and connection to their living space. By embracing innovation and creativity, unique homes inspire us to dream beyond the ordinary and create spaces as exceptional as those inhabiting them.

Here are our favorite Zillow listings currently on the market as of 7/27/2023. 

Our Favorite Castle Listing- The Burbank Castle

The Burbank Castle

Photo Credit: ©Zillow

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Aptly nicknamed "The Burbank Castle" and "The Harry Potter House," this majestic residence is now available for the first time in two decades. This house would be a dream for any Harry Potter fan (such as myself) to live in. 

This 4-bedroom, 5-bathroom castle truly displays impeccable attention to detail. Copper-stamped ceilings, Venetian plaster walls, custom-painted walls, and beams adorn the interior. 

Abundant windows throughout the castle add to its magical charm. The castle speaks clearly and offers charisma and convenience- a  sweeping staircase or convenient elevator transports you to the second level, where the primary suite awaits. 

The castle's amenities are equally breathtaking, featuring a saltwater pool with a charming bridge, an inviting spa with views, and an outdoor kitchen perfect for al fresco dining and gatherings. The four-car garage ensures that your prized vehicles are well-accommodated.

In every aspect, "The Burbank Castle" epitomizes luxury and craftsmanship with its custom-built design and exquisite intricacies, setting it apart as a truly unique and unparalleled residence. It is a truly magical residence. It is easy to understand why this stunning castle is dubbed the “Harry Potter House.” 

Our Favorite Dome Home Listing- Three Super Adobe Domes 

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Dome home? Yes, they exist. And they are cute, easy to manage, and incredibly efficient. 

This property comes with three domes and is an off-grid paradise! Nestled on almost 18 acres of breathtaking land, this enchanting single-family residence built in 2008 boasts three delightful Super Adobe Domes, a charming Straw Bale pumphouse, and one-of-a-kind outdoor kitchen space.

 These domes are built to live sustainably with private and two efficient solar systems. Step back in time with an included vintage Shasta trailer and two humanure outhouses, adding a touch of nostalgia to the charming oasis. 

Outside, the property has 12 fruitful trees and a flourishing organic garden, all lovingly nurtured over the years. Just 20-25 minutes from Bisbee, this magical retreat is truly an oasis to cherish and appreciate. 

Our Favorite Boozy Listing- Rogue River Winery

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Zillow Listing

The Rogue River Winery is a fun and fruity listing that features 4 beds/4.5 baths and boasts a slate roof, a stone exterior, and a private vineyard. An entertainer's dream, it offers multiple seating areas, waterfalls, a jacuzzi, and a rock-surround firepit, all complemented by lush landscaping.

Step into a realm of opulence as you're greeted by the grandeur of 12' ceilings adorned with skylights that bathe the space in natural light. The exquisite marble floors and windowsills add a touch of elegance, making every step feel like a luxurious experience. The chef's dream kitchen includes high-end appliances and superbly-crafted cabinetry.

 A spacious place with bay windows, dual closets, and dual bathrooms enhances relaxation. Enjoy almost 5 acres of panoramic views, making this a true oasis. 

Our Favorite REALLY OLD House- North Wales Farm c. 1776

North Wales Farm

Photo Credit: ©Zillow

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As a historical nerd, I was completely drawn to this property! I wish I could afford its almost $30 million price tag.  This remarkable property is a historic single-family residence built in 1776, making it a true Virginia landmark. The estate exudes timeless beauty and charm on over 600 acres of private, park-like surroundings.

Even just driving through the property is a stunning and almost overly dramatic experience. A beautiful 1.5-mile road winds through meadows, trees, and stone bridges. Eventually, you will be led to the carriage house, and from there, a long pathway lined with maple trees takes you to the historic stone mansion. 

The main building is designed in a stately Georgian style, and beyond the main house, the estate boasts several other buildings,, including a two-story Georgian Revival-style stone carriage house, equestrian facilities, guesthouses, additional residences, and even a shooting preserve. 

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register and protected under a preservation easement, this unique historical property is exceptionally well-preserved. This estate is a true national treasure with its 23 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms. 

Our Favorite Old School Home- Renovated 1936 Schoolhouse

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So super cute, this charming and character-filled old schoolhouse is now on the market as a single-family home. This renovated 3-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom house offers a perfect blend of modern amenities and historic charm as it was once the town's old schoolhouse, now exquisitely renovated while preserving its original allure. 

Walk inside to discover beautiful granite countertops and incredible hardwood floors that grace the main living space, complemented by vaulted ceilings and large windows that flood the rooms with natural light. The spacious interior boasts one of the most extensive bookshelves you'll find, perfect for book lovers and collectors alike. The previous owners of this home definitely made sure to keep the schoolhouse feel of this home alive. 

 This home is in a central location with a finished basement and a delightful outside space. There is easy access to Whiteface Mountain and the hiking trails of the Adirondack Mountains' 46 high peaks. 

Our Favorite Claustophobic Masterpiece- Las Vegas Underground House

Las Vegas Underground House

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The introvert in me would consider buying this property if it weren’t for my claustrophobic tendencies. 

Because if I could get past the home being underground and could afford the almost $6 million price tag, this hidden home would be the perfect place to live in luxury alone with a few close friends to come by and enjoy the good life with. 

Hidden beneath a 1-acre estate, this subterranean stronghold boasts the ultimate pool playhouse, offering an indoor, underground pool and spa with enchanting waterfalls.

This oasis is like the ultimate outdoor adventure but inside the home. I can picture myself escaping the Las Vegas heat and diving into the refreshing waters of the indoor pool, surrounded by lush trees and breathtaking views. This massive underground home is a secure, hidden oasis with 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and many other fun amenities. 

Our Favorite Desert Home-  Infinity House

Infinity House

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I won’t lie; this home is the perfect space for the extraterrestrial fan. 

The enchanting world of the Infinity House is where panoramic views and infinite possibilities blend harmoniously. Also, it has a steam room that looks almost like something from outer space- definitely getting cool vibes just by looking at this property. However, a steam room in the desert? Can’t you sit outs


The property has other great features. From the edgeless swimming pool and hot tub overlooking the majestic Sawtooth Mountain, this home exudes relaxation and style in the most fun but weird way possible. 

Our Favorite Tiny Home- Sugar Mill Creek Living

Sugar Mill Creek Tiny Home

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The minimalistic lifestyle has appealed to many people, including myself. I’ve often thought about how nice it would be to have a small space to clean.  This charming tiny home nestled within the community of Sugar Mill Creek is right by the serene Moccasin Creek State Park and overlooks a tranquil creek. It’s honestly the perfect spot for anyone looking for easy living in a community with plenty of activities. 

The large porch and outdoor space provide the perfect spot to enjoy the picturesque surroundings year-round. Residents of Sugar Mill Creek can enjoy numerous amenities such as a dog park, clubhouse, outside fire pits, and community-sponsored events.

Additionally, although the property is small (just under 400 sqft), the home features vaulted ceilings that add to its sense of openness. There's just room in the tiny home for comfortable living with a main bedroom, a full bath, and an additional room that can double as a guest bedroom or extra living space. 

 The convenience extends to the nearby Lake Burton Marina, making lake access a breeze. 

Our Favorite Mega Mansion- The Western White House

Western White House

Photo Credit: ©Zillow

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As a writer who publishes work about the real estate market, I was psyched when I first saw this mansion on the market a few weeks back.  I wrote about this white house replica mansion when I spotted it for sale! Truly one of the most luxurious real estate properties I have ever looked at. 

The mansion is an iconic replicated version of the White House. It is situated in the Hillsborough area on almost three acres and has 24,350 sqft of living space. It comprises 11 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and stunning reproductions of the Oval Office and the "East Room," serving as an event space. 

The property comes with incredible features inside and out. Honestly, whoever can afford this home is a true legend getting places in life.